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This isn’t my normal tech write-up but this is to prove I am Not Guilty !!

If you guys can’t see my profile in future on social media after this, it is definitely because of members of Girlscript Foundation :(

“GirlScript Foundation, a non-profit registered by Government of India, has come up with a unique and India’s first women oriented technical festival.” as per their website — ( I don't think so )

Oct 25th, 2018 | 5:42PM

I received my email that I am offered a position as a Chapter Leader for a community named Girlscript Foundation along with a girl. I was leading this tech community on the capital of TamilNadu — Chennai

I was really interested in leading Tech communities and I had many experiences working with organizations like this.It was a brand new organization on our city and I was responsible to top them up and brand them. So I picked a people looking on every aspect and gathered a amazing team who had amazing skills and previous experiences on various top organizations like IEEE.

So, as a first step I decided to go for social media branding and took out every single step carefully and posted amazing content on social Media spending hours on designing brochures and simple posts.

And now Event time,

That’s me without a Emoji !

After having a lot of meetups, video calls, discussions and fights we planned a amazing event. It was planned to happen in one of the most reputed colleges of chennai. It wasn’t easy and my team had put up a lot of effort on it and they confirmed the venue for the event.

Named as CodePy we had more than 300+ registrations with a hall that can accommodate everyone. And it was a free event and anyone can join.

IMPORTANT: No sponsors and we had to spend our own money for this and right from bringing the speaker from bengaluru all the expenses was on my head including his auto charges and water bottles. That included Physical certificates for all the participants who attend the event. I’m not blaming the speaker/ anyone, it is my responsibility and I totally agree.

And the event was actually a good success. Lot of appreciation from outsiders even though my team does screwed on some places, I was happy how event wrapped up without any issues.

In such manner, I spent my time working for the organization day and night. Yeah, the team too. We had some amazing events and we reached more than 3000 students with in a period of 2–3 months by conducting online events like webinars too. I was even appreciated by sponsoring a pass for a Yourstory event held at bengaluru and had a good experience meeting some entrepreneurs.

The Tragedy:

A event named as LetsPy was decided by the core team of Girlscript F*** and we agreed to do it. A two day python workshop with a fee of ₹1000 and with minimum 150 participants, which was a little shocking coz the events we organized were free. Again me and team planned the event on the month of June 24 and 25th. And chennai people obviously know what kind of time it is. Water Scarcity.

All colleges started shutting down due to that reason and we had to literally shift the dates to new dates and by the time we had around 30 registrations fully paid. And all the money were handled by the Girlscript core team Mr. Mohit Varu and Ms.Anubha Maneshwar. I never played a role on money part during that entire event, I only had count, how many students had registered for the event. Not even student’s data like mobile number and name.

And 99% colleges had rejected our proposal to conduct the event and we had a idea to conduct it in a private space but again due to water scarcity no halls were given for such count. I proposed the Girlscript Core team to call off the event and Mr. Mohit said, we can’t do it and you need to make the event happen. And they said no refund can be made and they were arrogant on me. I texted him to apply a refund for all the students registered coz i never had information about students who registered. And no refund was made.

All my reputation among my community went down and people started posting bad about me and a lot of pressure was on me. Students made calls on my phone number for the refund. And Mr. Mohit Varu all of a sudden texted in the group like:

The reason behind the failure of this event was Sriram and he is the culprit behind this and he is removed from the organization for mishandling the data of the organization.

Dude, WTF (-_-)

And entire organization was against me, I was threatened to remove the position as a chapter leader from my social media handles. And even the founder Ms.Anubha threatened me that she will commit suicide and blame me on it. HOoooooo !!

What I did was to prove that I am not guilty and I need to prove my community the same. So, I texted them regarding that and even asked them to apologize on their mistake for blaming me that I mishandled the data of the organization Girlscript F*** which I never did. And they even went ahead and published a so called funny notice on their social media handles.

Awwww, come on man. No recognition for the team of Girlscirpt Chennai who worked day and night, instead all the other Girlscript F*** members were ordered to block me on their social media handles :(

Awwwwwwww !!

So after my small research I found that Girlscript F*** is a section-8 NON PROFIT company registered under the government of India on the 2nd of June, 2017. But they are charging money from the students and even though profits are made it must be made for the community. But Girlscript founder doesn’t seem to spend it for the community. Nahh, I don’t care about that.

I am wondering how this organization received recognition and awards from various organizations like Forbes, Yourstory, Elastic cause and more. Yuck !!!

And again, the purpose of this post is to prove that I am not guilty and I do have all the supporting documents that prove I am not guilty and I can also share them to anyone. And I want Mr.Mohit , the so called Chief Operating officer of Girlsript F*** to make a public acknowledgement to apologize on his words against me that caused me a reputational damage to the people around me and my community.

If you guys came across this organization better stay away from them.

Your’s comradely :)




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